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About Us

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. At Fitness Technologies and CrossFit Platinum we believe that getting yourself back to work means setting your own pace. So, start your journey with us today

CrossFit – from the Soccer Mom to the Professional Olympic Athlete, the Endurance Athlete – from the Weekend Warrior to the Professional All-World-Athlete and World Championship Racer, and everything in-between, we are the place for You. Not only do we have the Best Credentials, we have the Unrivalled Experience to back it up.

Come and Change Your Life Today.

CrossFit Platinum is an elite, private personal training and CrossFit gym based in Linden, Johannesburg. CrossFit Platinum focuses on personal performances and goals, delivering on the wants and needs of those wanting to change and improve their lives and performances. Personal gains, achievement of goals, improved motivation and self-esteem, quantifiable and measurable benefits, enjoyment and fun are some of the benefits and advantages experienced by both the members and trainers. CrossFit Platinum is one of the pioneer CrossFit Affiliates in South Africa and is one of only three CrossFit affiliates to be celebrating their ten-year affiliation anniversary this year with CrossFit. CrossFit Platinum has moved away from the mass market in order to return to the personal and intimate way of training.

Our trainers are highly qualified and keep abreast of the latest research and trends in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

This is all achieved through hard work, dedication and motivation from the clients and their trainers. CrossFit Platinum tries to make exercise, health and wellness more achievable and easier to attain and maintain in the fast-paced lifestyles we all lead. CrossFit Platinum is results driven and deliver creative and enjoyable training to the community through personal interaction.

Come join us for a session to experience our special way of training for yourself.


CrossFit Platinum Location

No. 44, 1st Avenue, Linden

Johannesburg, South Africa


Cel: +27.83.600.1113 (Lisa)

Fax: +27.86.672.4656

E-Mail: fittech@iafrica.com